Sam Branson on Music for Mental Wealth


1 in 4 of us this year are going to struggle from a mental health problem. Which means that the likelihood is that all of us are going to have some issue at some stage in our life. Stress is one of the biggest causes of mental health problems so getting on top of stress is incredibly important. I went to a great evening tonight for a charity called MusicforMentalWealth founded by @miss_soundcheque who support musicians through mentorship and coaching to get through the challenges that they so often face. Musicians are three times more likely to have mental health problems another’s. If you do think you’re struggling remember that it’s way more common than you think. There are many great organisations out there who can help but a trusted ear to share your concerns with is a good first step! #metal #health #stress #friends #talk. #compassion #music #lover

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