Music for Mental Wealth is dedicated to the prevention and relief of mental illness within the music industry. We offer coaching for musicians and music industry professionals to prevent and overcome mental health problems. 

The latest report for Help Musicians UK shows that musicians and other industry professionals are three times more likely to suffer depression than would be found in normal society. Social media and streaming platforms have completely transformed the music industry. As competition has increased, so has stress and anxiety.

The Solution

At Music for Mental Wealth, we have a team of creative coaches who can provide wrap-around packages of unprecedented support for unsigned musicians, to build emotional resilience and help them avoid mental health related issues.

We also help music industry professionals, including managers and agents, to develop skill sets to assist their artists during their careers.

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Meet the team

Laura Westcott, Founder 

Laura created Music for Mental Wealth after suffering with stage fright, stress and anxiety for years and then experiencing the transformational benefits of mental health coaching.

Laura is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and former PR manager and reviewer for The Times newspaper. Laura was the Content Editor for News Corporation in New York before leaving to set up Soundcheque Ltd to help musicians get paid for their their music in media, film and TV.

She is the Founder of the charity ‘Sound for Sight’ that raises awareness of blindness through live music events, and also ‘Music for Mental Wealth’, a non-profit that provides mental health support for musicians.

She joined the London Philharmonic Choir in 2004 and has a BA Hons in music.


Stewart Lane

Stewart Lane, Mental Wellbeing Coach

Stewart Lane is a facilitator, frequency expert and composer. Stewart has over sixteen years experience facilitating and coaching in leadership, visionary entrepreneurship, creativity, motivation, communication, work/life balance and idea creation. His clients include Musicworks, Rethink and The House of St Barnabas. Stewart also presents workshops and delivers bespoke coaching programmes on behalf of MMW.


Eleanor O’Rourke, Mental Wellbeing Coach

Eleanor O’Rourke delivers our workshops and bespoke coaching programmes. She has 20 years experience working in rock & roll as a Tour Manager for the likes of Van Morrison and Tears for Fears. She witnessed and experienced poor mental health amongst musicians first hand and wrote a book “Breakdown”. She trained in a variety of metaphysical disciplines including Jungian psychology, archetypal analysis and emotional intelligence.

Eleanor O’Rourke